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Help offers this virtual mall for the promotion of business and e-commerce retailing for New Zealand Businesses.

To enter the virtual mall click onto the Auto Doors and enter the virtual mall floor plan.

You arrive on the ground floor, 100 shops are situated on every floor.

As you move your mouse over a shop the mouse roll-over-text box appears to describe the products, specials or services supplied and offered by this business.

Click onto the shop of interest and this links you directly to the businesses website.

To return to the virtual mall close the window using the X in the top right side of your screen.

Repeat the process with other shops in the mall.

Use the lift to select another floor to view more shops, There are 11 floors in this virtual building.

Should you not wish to browse utalise the search facility to search the database of shop tenants for the product or service you require. operates so if you cannot locate the product or service within the virtual mall also try by selecting the Business Search button on the homepage.

For further information email to

To rent a shop take the link below:


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To Rent This Space
$5,200.00 + GST per year
($100.00 + GST per week)

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